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What kinds of animals can be found in the tree regions of BC? In your yard? In your schoolground? Find photos of trees and the animals that share this home. You can find photos on the Internet, clip from magazines or draw them yourself. Make a collage or create a storybook with the pictures you have collected.

Could you take those animals and move them somewhere else in the world to live? Why or why not? For example, could an African elephant survive in BC forests? But note that two elephants live at the Greater Vancouver Zoological Centre. Why is this possible? Call the Centre for help.

Another example: BC sent some of its wolves to Yellowstone Park in the US to help re-introduce wolves to the wilderness there. How are they surviving? Visit the Nova site listed below or call the BC Ministry of the Environment to find out.

Nova Wild Wolves

The Cub Den

In the Jungle

Kenyan Wildlife

Many countries began to recycle paper during World War II, when paper was in short supply.
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